When will my LG phone get Android 8.0 Oreo Update?

As of Jan. 18, 2018, LG devices in below table have already got the Android 8.0 Oreo Update, According to LG open source website.

Model NumberSoftware Version
LG G011CLGG011C_Android_O_OS_version
LG H790LGH790_Android_O_OS_version
LG MV300KLGMV300K_Android_O-OS_v20a
LG MV300KSLGMV300K_Android_O-OS_v20a
LG MV300LLGMV300L_Android_Oreo_v20d
LG MV300SLGMV300S_Android_Oreo_v20d
LG V35LGV35_Android_O-OS_V35_v10a


Upcoming Android 8.0 Oreo Update:

LG V30

Users in South Korea have already received the Android 8.0 Update. Some Unlocked LG V30 US998 in the U.S. already received the Beta update (v18f) via FOTA.


LG is testing the V19e firmware for LG G6 H870 and H870U.

LG V20

LG plan to release Android 8.0 for the LG V20 models.  Maybe LG will release the Update for V30 and G6 first, and then release update for LG V20


LG G5 received Android Nougat in May 2017, Maybe LG will release the Android 8.0 for LG G5 in June or July in 2018.