VIDEOTRON LG V20 H915 Software Update H91510e kdz firmware available for download

The VIDEOTRON LG V20 H915 received a new software update which brings the device’s software version to H91510e.

North America
H91510c_00_VTR_CA_OP_1007.kdz2.68 G2016-11-03
North America
H91510d_00_VTR_CA_OP_1110.kdz2.66 G2016-12-06
North America
H91510e_00_VTR_CA_OP_1205.kdz2.68 G2016-12-17

The v10e kdz firmware (H91510e_00_VTR_CA_OP_1205.kdz) for LG V20 H915 is no longer available for download from LG server.

You can download the H91510e_00_VTR_CA_OP_1205.kdz via this Link.


You can download the H91510q_00_VTR_CA_OP_0526.kdz from LG official website


ModelSuffixVersionOSFile NameSizeDownload


If you want to request the latest firmware for LG H915 from LG server, please visit

To unbrick/restore your LG H915 back to stock, You also need to install:

  1. Latest LG USB drivers
  2. LG UP software
  3. LG UP DLL for LG H915 model

Once you have installed the LG USB drivers, LG UP And LG UP DLL for LG H915, Put your phone into download mode and run the LG UP.,

From LG Up the main screen, choose the “Upgrade” Process and click bin/file to select the v10e kdz firmware for H915 and then click start

Wait until the Lg up software shows 100% complete, Your phone is restored and back to stock now.

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