Verzion Wirelss, Sprint and MetroPCS to launch LG L70 smart phones

LG offcial has announced the upcoming availablity of the LG L70 smart phones.

According to our sources, LG L70 will launch in the United States in Q2 2014 via Verizon Wirelss, Sprint, MetroPCS, U.S celluar and Associated Carrier Group.

Here are the models of the LG L70 coming to the U.S

LG-VS450PP for Verzion Wirelss
LG-D320g8 for U.S Celluar
LG-LS620 for Sprint
LG-MS323 for MetroPCS
LG L41C and LG 42G for Tracfone
LG-AS750 for ACG (Associated Carrier Group)

The LG L70 (LG-L41C, LG L42G) will be available on Tracfone prepaid plans. The difference between LG-L41C and LG-L42G is that the LG L41C is a CDMA version of the LG L70 on Verzion Wireless 4G LTE NETwork, LG L42G is the GSM version of the LG L70 on AT & T 4G network.

There are now words yet if AT & T and T-mobile will carry the LG L70 smart phones.

Stay tuned.