VerizonWireless LG Lucid VS840ZV7 software update

This “VS840ZV7” software update for VerizonWireless LG Lucid will upgrade your device to Android 4.0 ICS.

Verizon Wireless has released the “VS840ZV7” update OTA. If you missed the pushed update from verizon wireless, you can choose to download and install LG Mobile support tool to update your LG Lucid Software.

1) Download LG Mobile support tool and install this software on your computer following the on-screen instructions.
2) Once installed, Run the LG Mobile support tool from your PC
3) Click install USB Drivers
4) Once the USB Driver is installed, restart your computer
5) Connect your LG Lucid to PC through USB Cable
5) Now from LG MOBILE TOOL sfotware screen, choose carrier, choose the model “LGvs840” to start the software update

Please note, the latest software version for Verizon Wireless LG Lucid is “VS840ZV7”

If you got any issues after the firmware update, please share with us!

Check what is new in LG Lucid VS840ZV7 software update

6 thoughts on “VerizonWireless LG Lucid VS840ZV7 software update”

  1. I’ve had this LG Lucid for months and it just updated itself 3 days ago, now when I hold the home button and power button it doesn’t screenshot anymore. Can I not screenshot now with this update?

  2. i agree with you emily. i like the new features but the upgrade just isnt worth all this hassle. if you figure out how to remove it id appreciate it.

  3. Ive just recently gotten this phone and i just updated this software a few days ago and its causing nothing but loading problems. my app store along with my browser now refuse to even load. and my brothers wont connect to our wifi, which might be a different issue but im not sure. dose anyone know how i can remove the update and go back to what it was?

  4. My email is fine after the upgrade but my Outlook calendar will not sync. It says it’s there but when you tap it, it says no existing calendar.

  5. I’ve been using the Lucid since it’s release to Verizon and have been very happy with the phone. Yesterday I installed the firmware VS840ZV7 update and it has left my email access totally hamstrung. I can only see the very most recent emails in my box, with a message endlessly cycling telling me more emails are loading- but they never do. THe biggest benefit to me of the phone has been on the go email, and being able to quickly scroll back to ALL of my email. I wish I could uninstall the “upgrade,” any benefit from fresh graphics, keyboard, format are negated by this lack of email functionality! SOO frustrating! I dont know how much longer i can deal with this before I move on to Samsung or maybe Apple.

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