Verizon Wireless to launch LG VS415, another device under VZW prepaid plan.

It is rumored that verizon wireless will add the LG VS415PP device to the prepaid lineup.

According to mysterious tipster, The LG mobile is testing the software of the LG VS415PP, A firmware named as VS415PP08A_00.kdz as you can seen from below image.


The device’s Model number “LG VS415” is very close to that of the LG VS410PP which is available at Verizon wireless as LG Optimus Zone under verizon wireless prepaid plan.

Maybe Verizon wireless will release the LG VS415 with the code name LG Optimus Zone 2.

At present, Verizon wireless has not announced the device yet. Maybe the LG VS415PP is another entry-level android device.

Stay tuned for more information.