Verizon Wireless LG Spectrum 2 (LG VS930) Stock Rom / Firmware: VS93022A

The Software Update (Revision: VS93022a) for Verizon wireless LG Spectrum 2 (LG VS930) is available for download.

The previous software update is the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update (software version VS93021B), You can download the “VS93021B” ROM at this page.

The VS93022A software update will be rolled out via FOTA push/pull. You can choose to pull the update by going into Settings > About Phone > Software Update. or use the LG Mobile Support Tool to upgrade your VS930 device.

For those who wish to download the official stock ROM (VS93022A) for Verizon Wireless LG Spectrum 2, Here is the direct download link:

Latest Firmware:VS93022A_02
File Name:

You can use this ROM to unbrick or unroot your device. Here are some useful links for you to recover your LG VS930 smart phone.

15 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless LG Spectrum 2 (LG VS930) Stock Rom / Firmware: VS93022A”

  1. Any modification of your system/rom may cause the issue.

    This happen to me on my G2, The battery managment app has a issue.

  2. It sounds strange. Did you install any 3rd party ROM?
    The batter managerment app from 3rd party rom may cause this issue.

  3. i tried that what you are saying but it is off. when i called on my number then answer was “mobile is off right now.”..
    so i used to open battery and then close it and then on my phone then it starts…???

  4. off state? Need to press power button to wake up the phone?


    is it just in display off mode, you can easy light up the screen by tapping the screen again?

    I guess it is power saving mode on. The power save mode will turn your phone into “sleeping off” mode if you are not using your phone.

  5. thanks bro i figured out problem…. but i am facing a problem that my phone automatically get in off state after some time while not using.e.g if i put aside while sleeping and checked in morning it was in off state and also while keeping in pocket sometime it goes to off state.. is there any solution ???

  6. Please backup important data and perform a hard reset to reset your phont to its factory default settings.

  7. in my lg vs930 3g is not working.and apn can’t be set.when i open to add apn it shows a blank page. please guide me . thanks.

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