LG VK810, LG G Pad 8.3 with LTE for Verzion gets FCC approval, nearing official announcement

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We early reported that Verizon Wireless will release a tablet from LG, namely the LG G Pad 8.3 with 4G LTE(Model:LG VK810). Now the LG VK810 has received FCC Approval with support for Verizon Wireless’s 4G service running on bands 4 and 13. since the FCC has just approved the LG VK810 for sale, it’s […]

LG VN280 Receive FCC Approval

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The LG VN280, previously leaked in an User Agent Profile, has been recently spotted at FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The LG VN280 coming to Verizon wireless is a budget-friendly feature handset. It is a CDMA Phone with Bluetooth 3.0, According to FCC Filing. No details on the LG VN280’ specs sheet have been unveiled in […]

Upcoming Verizon Wireless LG Phones 2014, LG VK810 spotted at Bluetooth SIG Filing

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[update] LG VK810 is the G pad 8.3 for Verizon Wireless. A new LG device for Verizon Wireless has been spotted at the Bluetooth certification with model number LG VK810 attached to it According to Bluetooth SIG Filing, the LG VK810 features bluetooth 4.0 technology. The LG VK810 listing also shows that the Software Version […]

LG VN280 for verizon wireless?

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A new LG handset featuring model number “LG VN280” was spotted at a mobile user agent string detect website. The model number prefix “LG VN” suggests that it is a device for verizon wireless. The model number VN280 is very close to LG VN270 (aka LG Cosmos Touch) released by verizon wireless in 2012. Maybe […]