Verizon Wireless LG G3 to feature 3GB RAM – Confirmed

LG is offering two storage models of LG G3 with varying amounts of RAM. The 16GB ROM model has 2GB RAM while the 32GB ROM model has 3GB RAM. It is widely rumored that Verizon will offer the “16GB ROM / 2GB RAM” version of the LG G3. also mention that Verzion’s LG G3 will feature 2GB of RAM.

Verizon customers were wondering which LG G3 Model (2GB/16GB or 3GB/32GB) they’ll get?
Now, It is confirmed that Verizon wireless’s upcoming LG G3 VS985 will be the 32GB version with 3GB RAM onboard. Thanks to Maxx who send us this document.



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  1. This is good news. It puts the g3 back in the running, for me, against the note 4 and iPhablet. (yes, I mentioned the “I” word.) :p

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