Verizon Prepaid LG Zone 4 firmware X210VPP11A

Verizon LG Zone 4 Prepaid LMX210VPP Firmware

The LG Zone 4 Prepaid (LMX210VPP) from Verizon Wireless is getting a new software Update. The Update is software version X210VPP11A, and its Android Security Patch Level is September 2018.

According to LG official, The Update is just a minor update which improved the usability and functionality of the LG Zone 4!  The Update also includes the September Security Patch.

Those who need to download the stock kdz firmware for Verizon Prepaid LG Zone 4 can grab it from below links.

Download Verizon LG Zone 4 Prepaid LMX210VPP Firmware





Software Version:X210VPP12A_00

OS Version:NMR2

File Name:X210VPP12a_00_1121.kdz

KDZ File size:2549547594

LG Zone 4 soft bricked? Now you can unbrick LG Zone 4 and restore it back to stock by flashing the X210VPP11a_01_0914.kdz with LGUP.

LG Zone 4 Google FRP issues? Can not bypass Google Verification on LG ZONE 4? Flashing the X210VPP11a_01_0914.kdz with LGUP can not bypass the Google FRP. But You may try the “Chip Erase” feature of LGUP for the developer to remove the FRP settings.

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Learn how to unbrick/restore LG ZONE 4 x210vpp with LG UP, Check this Guide.