Verizon LG V50 LMV450VM Firmware Update V450VM20d

Use this page to identify software versions for the Verizon LG V50 LMV450VM (LM-V450VM, V450VM) as well as details on recent software updates

Verizon Wireless is pushing a new software update for the Verizon LG V50 ThinQ LMV450VM.

The Update is based on Android 10, it arrives as software version V450VM20 and includes the June 2020 Android Security Patch.

Verizon LG V50 ThinQ Firmware Update V450VM20D

Release date: 07/02/2020
Android™ Security Patch Level: June 2020
Software Version: V450VM20d


June 2020 security patch

How to update your LG V50 ThinQ smartphone

The Update is now available via OTA, LG Bridge, and LG Upgrade Assistant Tool

Update via OTA:

To check new software updates, Go to device Settings > General > About phone > Update Center. Then tap on System updateCheck for update. This will show you the new version if something is available.

Update via LG Bridge:

If you have not received the OTA Update notification, You can download and install LG Bridge and then Use LG Bridge to upgrade your phone.

Update via Verizon LG Software Upgrade Assistant

Software Upgrade Assistant (LG) is another tool from LG official to install software on Verizon Wireless LG smartphones.

You can Download Verizon LG Software Upgrade Assistant Tool here. and You can find the instructions here.

Previous software update


Release date: 05/19/2020

Android OS: Android 10
Android Security Patch Level: April 2020
Software Version: G450VM20c


Release date: 03/20/2020

Android OS: Android 9.0 Pie
Android Security Patch Level: March 2020
Software Version: V450VM10j

Download Verizon LG V50 LMV450VM Firmware V450VM20d





Software Version:V450VM20D_01

OS Version:Q

File Name:V450VM20d_01_VZW_US_OP_0606.kdz

KDZ File size:4464186041


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