Verizon LG K4 LTE VS425 software update VS42525A

The LG K4 LTE VS425 from Verizon Wireless today received a new software update which brings the phone’s software version to VS42525a.

According to LG open source code distribution website, the update is still the Android M 6.0 with Feb 17, 2017 google security patch.

The LG K4 LTE stock kdz firmware is also available for download from LG server, By flashing the stock kdz firmware with LG UP, You can easy unbrick/restore your LG VS425 back to stock.

Download LG k4 vs425 stock kdz firmware

Download: VS42525A_01_0217_ARB00.kdz

Please note that you can not use browser to download the kdz file from LG server.
You will need to download and install XDM download manager or other download tools.

How to upgrade/unbrick/restore LG K4 LTE with LG UP

1) latest LG USB driver
2) LG UP software
3) LG UP DLL for LG VS425
4) LG VS425 stock kdz firmware VS42525A_01_0217_ARB00.kdz

From below link, You can download the LG UP DLL for LG VS425, LGUP_VS425.msi.