Verizon LG G7 ThinQ LMG710VM Firmware

March 7, 2019
LG released the V10i firmware Update (G710VM10i_02_0211.kdz) for the Verizon LG G7 ThinQ LMG710VM.





Software Version:G710VM10I

OS Version:O

File Name:G710VM10i_02_0211.kdz

KDZ File size:2655345816

The LG G7 ThinQ (Model: LMG710VM, G710VM) is getting a new software Update which brings the device’s software version to G710VM10F_08.

This is a security update which includes the September 2018 Google Android Security Patch.


Software Version: G710VM10f

Android® Security Patch Level: 2018-09-01

This software update for your LG G7 ThinQ includes updated camera features, application enhancement, and the latest Android security patches.

Download Verizon LG G7 ThinQ LMG710VM Firmware


Model: LMG710VM

Suffix: AVRZOP

Buyer: VRZ

Software Version: G710VM10F_08

OS Version: O

File Name: G710VM10f_08_0906.kdz

KDZ File size: 2618951460

Can not download the G710VM10f_08_0906.kdz from above link? PLEASE download and install XDM download manager first and then copy above URL and start a new download JOB in XDM download manager to save the G710VM10f_08_0906.kdz onto your computer.

LG will remove the G710VM10f_08_0906.kdz from its server when there is a newer software Update.

By the way, The LG G7 thinQ sold in South Korea will receive the Android 9.0 PIE Update by the end of 2018. We are not sure if the Verizon LG G7 ThinQ will get the Android PIE Update at the same time. Carrier variants would be expected to be updated slower because the carriers need time to add their own bloatware!