Verizon LG G5 VS987 is receiving VS98712A Software Update [Download Verizon LG G5 VS98712A Stock kdz Firmware]

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Verizon wireless has started rolling out a new Software Update to the LG G5 VS987. The Update Brings the software version on the LG G5 up to VS98712A.

Previous Update of Verizon LG G5 (vs99711a) which brings WiFi Calling enhancements was released on April 9.

The Stock KDZ firmware for LG G5 VS98712A is available for download now:


Those who missed the Update can manually install the VS98712A by flashing stock LG G5 kdz firmware with The LG UP Flash Tool.

The Update is also available via Verizon LG Software upgrade assistant Tool..

If you bricked your LG G5 vs987, Here is our step-by-step guide for you, it will restore stock firmware using LG UP Flash Tool.

The VS98712A Software Update Benefits:

Visual Voice Mail Updates:
New, user friendly speaker and volume icons.

Airplane Mode security enhancement:
To enable Airplane Mode with a long press of the power button, you’ll have to unlock the screen if you used the follow methods to lock it:

  • Pattern lock
  • PIN
  • Password
  • Knock code
  • Fingerprint

This prevents your phone from enabling Airplane Mode by mistake.

Data Usage:
Your device will now display data usage attributed to Microsoft Exchange Active Server (EAS).

To check more details about this VS98712A update for Verizon LG G5, Visit Verizon Official Support page here.