Using Knock Code on the LG Access LTE – feature focus

The new LG Access LTE (Model:L31L) has Knock Code feature that was first introduced on the G Pro 2.

What is Knock Code™:

The Knock Code feature allows you to create your own unlock code using a combination of knocks (or taps) on the screen.
To understand the Knock Code features, please visit LG offcial Support page here.

How to set Knock Code on The LG ACCESS LTE L31L

1) Settings > Display > Lock screen > Tap ‘Knock code’ from ‘Select screen lock.’
2) A 2-by-2 grid works as a touch pad, in which you will tap to set up Knock code.
3) Create your own Knock code by tapping the quadrants in the order you wish to use as your code.
4) You must use a minimum of two touches, and as many as eight, to come up with any combination you want.Notes:The more touches you use and the more complex the pattern is, the tougher it would be to guess your unlock code.
5) Once you create your Knock code and backup PIN code, locked screen is Knock code-locked.


How to unlock “Knock code” on the LG ACCESS LTE L31L

1) When the screen is off, tap the sequence of your Knock code any where on the screen; the Home screen can be accessed directly instead of you wake the screen then unlock the phone. You can enter your code in a small space, or over the full width of the phone. Use whichever fits your flow the best.
2) From the turned-on but locked screen, tap your Knock code in the area enclosed by angle brackets under the clock widget to unlock your phone.
3) If you enter wrong knock codes 5 times consecutively, a warning message will pop up, saying “Wrong Knock code entered 5 times in a row” and “Forgot Knock code?” button appears at the bottom right hand screen.
4) If you incorrectly enter your Knock code for 6 times in a row, you cannot try to enter it anymore. You should unlock your phone by entering a preset backup PIN or logging into your Google account.