US Cellular K8+ (2018) LMX210ULM Oreo Update

The LG K8+ 2018 (aka LMX210ULM) from  US Cellular is getting the Android Oreo 8.1 Software Update.

The Oreo Update for LG K8+ 2018 (aka LMX210ULM) is now available via FOTA and LG Bridge.  The Update is software version X210ULM20A and it includes the December 2018 Security Patches.

LG official also released the K8+ (2018) LMX210ULM Oreo firmware and made it available for download from LG official website.

Download  U.S. Cellular K8+ (2018) LMX210ULM Oreo Firmware





Software Version:X210ULM20C_00

OS Version:OMR1

File Name:X210ULM20c_00_UCL_US_OP_0329.kdz

KDZ File size:2005020529

Those who fail to install the Oreo Update for LG K8+ 2018 (aka LMX210ULM) via OTA and LG Bridge can manually install the Oreo Update by flashing the X210ULM20a_00_UCL_US_OP_1213.kdz with LGUP.

We will download and check the Anti-rollback (ARB)/Qfuse Version of this X210ULM20a firmware later. 

If you are having some issues with the Oreo firmware Update for the U.S. Cellular K8+ (2018) LMX210ULM, please contact us at [email protected]


LMX210ULM Oreo Firmware

U.S. Cellular K8+ (2018) Oreo Firmware