Sprint LG LS775 Spotted in a User Agent Profile on Sprint’s website

Upcoming Sprint LG Phones 2016 Another LG handset carrying the model number “LG LS775” was Spotted in a User Agent Profile found on Sprint’s website. based on the information found from the device’s UA Profile,We only know that the LG LS775 is a Smart phone powered by Android OS. Its software version is LS775Z03. Other … Read more

Cricket LG True B460 Specs

Cricket wireless will release LG B460 feature phone as LG True. Cricket LG True B460 Specs: Technology: GSM* Network: GSM Quad-Band/3G Dual-Band* Frequencies: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G 850/1900 MHz* Data Transmission: 3G* Dimensions: 3.86″ (H) x 2.00″ (W) x 0.73″ (D) Weight: 3.63 oz Display: 2.2” TFT QCIF 120 x 160 Battery:950 mAh Bluetooth:2.1 + … Read more

LG Nexus 5 for Sprint Confirmed

The Google Nexus 5 (AKA LG D820) which visit FCC in last month was spotted also at Blueooth SIG Website. There are two model variants: LG D820 S and LG D820 C, According to the Bluetooth SIG filings. Maybe the LG D820 S is the Nexus 5 for Sprint. The LG D820 FCC documents suggest … Read more

Sprint LG LS995 Specs Unveiled with Android 4.2 OS, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB RAM, No SD Card Slot.

The new device from LG sporting model number LG LS995 which has been spotted on Bluetooth SIG website was spotted again in a UA Profile from Sprint official website. Now, we’re looking at a screenshot that shows us the LG LS995′s user agent profile which reveal the Sprint LG LS995 Specs in details. As you … Read more

Unannounced LG LS995 Spotted at Bluetooth SIG

[Updated] The LG LS995 UA Profile which Unveiled the device specs in details was spotted at Sprint.com official website. Click Here to find out this upcoming sprint lg ls995 smart phone specs and features. A new LG device has been spotted over at the Bluetooth SIG, featuring model number LG-LS995, but with no official info … Read more

Sprint to launch LG LS720 smart phone

A new device from LG featuring model number “LG LS720” was spotted at LG Official website. model:LGLS720 soft version:LS720ZV4_08 prod_type:CDMA buyer_name:Sprint live date:2013-04-26 sprint will release the LG LS720 smart phone soon, since the LG LS720 cell phone was listed on LG Mobile Support Tools. Software The LG LS720 will be shipped with Firmware LS720ZV4 … Read more