LG Tribute Empire X220PM for Sprint Approved by the FCC

The marketing name of LG LM-X220PM (X220PM) is Sprint LG Tribute Empire. It is a model variant of the LM-X220 for Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin mobile.

LG Tribute Empire user guide is now available for download.

[Update] December 17, 2018

LM-X220PM Certified by the Bluetooth SIG

[Update] November 10, 2018

LM-X220PM Certified by the Global Certification Forum (GCF). 

LM-X220PM Spotted in WI-FI Alliance Certification database!

The X220PM for Sprint (FCC id: X220PM) was approved by the FCC today!

LG X220PM/LMX220PM LET Bands & Frequency

The Phone supports LTE Bands 2/4/5/12/13/25/26/41, According to the SAR TEST report for LG X220PM.

A new LG device with the model number LMX220PM was spotted in a leaked document.

According to our sources, LG is working on the firmware for LMX220PM, LMX220PMAT-ABC-SPR-US-ABC-xx-2018-ARB00+0.

The software version is still beta, and the SPR in the firmware name suggested that the LMX220PM is a new phone coming to Sprint or Boost mobile.

So far, we have not seen the model number LMX220PM Bluetooth SIG listing, and Wi-fi Alliance certification database.

LG recently introduced the LG K9 which comes with the model number LMX210, So maybe the upcoming LMX220PM could be the next generation of the LG K9 for 2019.

Stay Tuned.