LG US701 for U.S. Cellular pass through the FCC

The LG US701 for U.S. Cellular today received its FCC Approval. According to the device’s SAR test report, the LG US701 supports LTE 2/4/5/12/13/25, CDMA, WCDMA 2/4/5, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Other details of the device were not disclosed in the FCC filings. Week ago., The Mysterious LG US701 running Android N 7.0 OS build NRD90U … Read more

LG K10 Power (LG M320TV) coming to Brazil

The upcoming LG smart phone carrying the model number LG M320TV was spotted on lebes.com.br website – Lebes’s online store which is one of the largest retail chains in Brazil. [AdSense-A] The LG M320TV which has been certified in Brazil by Anatel (the Brazilian FCC equivalent) was spotted on LG Official website today. According to LG’s document, The … Read more

LG Risio 2 (LG-M154) Spotted on FCC website

The upcoming LG Risio 2 smart phone carrying model number “LG-M154” was spotted on FCC website. The LG Risio 2 M154 is a variant of the LG K4 2017. Another variant of the LG K4 2017 carrying the model number “LG-M153” is now available from Cricket wireless as LG Fortune The Key Features of LG Risio … Read more

LG K20 V (LG-VS501) coming to Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless will release the LG K10 2017 as the LG K20 V. A new LG phone carrying the model number LG VS501 which received the Bleutooth SIG certification was spotted again on Google play website. The new LG VS501 for verzion Wireless  is officially named as “LG k20 V” in the list Of devices that … Read more

4 New LG K10 2017 Variants certified by the Bluetooth SIG, coming to Verizon,T-mobile,MetroPCS and Tracfone.

A new LG device with the model number LG-VS501 was ceitified by the Blueooth SIG today. According to Bluetooth SIG filing, the new device under design name “LG-VS501” has four model variants, namely the LG-VS501,LG MP260, LG TP260, and LG L59BL. According to our tipster, these are four LG K10 2017 variants for the U.S … Read more