This is list of upcoming new LG phones. They are expected to be offered because they are either officially announced or there is solid information from leaks or rumors.

LG H871 with Snapdragon 820 benchmarked

Upcoming Straight Talk,Net10 and Tracfone LG Phones 2017


LG K3 US110 FCC approved February 1st

LG Stylo 3 M400 approved January 23rd

LG LG K8 V (2017) VS501 approved January 20th

LG L63 FCC approved January 11th

LG L64 FCC approved January 6th

LG LG-H700 with Android 7.0 is in testing.

The phones listed below have recently been approved by the FCC.

LG X230 FCC approved December 30th
LG L58 FCC approved December 30th
LG TP-260 FCC approved December 23rd
LG US-215 FCC approved December 21st
LG L83 FCC approved December 21st
LG L59 FCC approved December 19th
LG L57 FCC approved December 14th
LG M250 FCC approved December 14th
LG M150 FCC approved December 13th
LG MS210 / M210 – Android 7.0 N (FCC Approved on November 18th,2016)


Upcoming LG Phones 2016
Added June 1st, 2016

L53AL – Tracfone

LG VS835 – Verizon

LG K210

Added May 4th, 2016

LG LS775 – Stylus2 or Stylo 2
K428 — K10
K540 — Stylus2 or Stylo 2
K373 — K8
K371 — AT & T LG Phoenix 2
k530 — ?
K535 –?
LG MS550 for MetroPCS
LG VS500 for Verizon Wireless
LG LS450
LG F590 L5000
AT & T LG G Pad X 8.0 V520

Added April 6th, LG X Screen Model Variants:


Added April 6th, 2016 –

LG-F590 — L5000
LG-F700 — LG G5 for South Korea Market
LG-F650 — X screen
LG-F720 — Stylus2
LG-F670 — K10


* Here are some LG Phones 2016 for Straight Talk and Net10.
LG L44VL,Tracfone LG K4 – Verzion Wireless CDMA Version
LG L43AL,Tracfone LG K4 – AT & T GSM Version
LG L17AG, – Tracfone
LG L18AC, – Tracfone
LG L51AL, – Tracfone
LG L52VL, – Tracfone
LG L62VL, – Tracfone
LG L61AL, – Tracfone
LG L82VL, – Tracfone
LG L82AL, – Tracfone
* All above devices are based on Android 5.0 L OS.

LG-K120, LG K4
LG-K121, LG K4
LG K120AR (Verizon Wireless)
LG VS987 / LG G5 for Verzion

*Below are phones that have recently been approved by the FCC.
LG US375 approved February 4th
LG K350 approved February 3rd
LG K373 approved January 29th
LG K430 approved January 27th
LG (L82VL) approved January 27th
LG (K540) approved January 21st
LG L62VL approved January 7th
LG (L52VL) approved January 5th

LG K410F
LG K330 – T-mobile LG K7 (aka Tribute 5)
LG L17AG for Tracfone Passed through FCC
LG L18AC for Tracfone Passed through FCC
LG L44VL Tracfone’s model variant of LG Optimus Zone 3 VS425PP (Verizon Wireless)
LG L51AL Tracfone’s model variant of LG K330 Tmobile or LG MS330 metroPCS (aka Tribute 5)

Added on Dec 20, 2015

Sprint LG Class (LG Zero) LS675 Spotted in UA Profile and FCC Filing
Sprint LG LS775 Spotted in UA Profile.

More LG G4 Model Variants:

T-mobile LG G4 H812 – Spotted in UA Profile
European LG G4 H815 – Spotted in UA Profile

Added on Mar. 11, 2015

LG-H635, LG-H736 and LG-H540 Spotted in UA Profile

LG H631 for T-mobile passed through the FCC
LG MS631 for MetroPCS passed through the FCC

Sprint LG LS770 – Spotted in UA Profile and FCC filing
Sprint LG LS665 – Spotted in UA Profile
Sprint LG LS751 – Spotted in UA Profile


LG VW820 for Verizon Wireless.
LG H631 for T-mobile
LG Spirit H443
LG Leon H320

* The above 4 handset have just passed through the FCC ceritifcation.

H22x : Project : Y30 ? 800×480 / 3G
H32x : Project : C50/YK ? 480×854 / 3G
H34x : Project : C50 ? 480×854 / 3G Dual ?
H42x : Project : Y70 ? 1280×720 / 3G
H44x : Project : C70 ? 1280×720 / LTE
H50x : Project : C90 ? 1280×720 / 3G
H52x : Project : C90/P1C ? 1280×720 / LTE
H63x : Project : P1s 1280×720 / LTE (G4s ?)
H77x : AKA 1280×720 / LTE (China Mobile/China Telecom)
H78x : AKA 1280×720 / LTE (HK/SGP/TW NFC / TWN/SGP/HK non NFC)
H810 : Project : P1 (G4 pour AT&T ?)
H818 : Project : P1 (G4 ? … China model)
H819 : Project : P1 (G4 ? … Google édition ?)
VS999 : Project : P1 (screen 1620×2880…)
H95x : G Flex 2 (Project : Z2)


Added on November 7, 2014

Verizon LG Transpyre VS810PP – Rebranded LG F60
Verizon GizMoPAL Smart Watch VC100 – Rebranded LG Kizon W105
LG F520L, F520K and F520S – Android 4.4.2
LG F440L, F440K and F440S – Android 4.4.2
LG H440n – Android 5.0 L based smart phone
LG H441 – T-mobile – Android 5.0 L
LG H443 – AT & T – Android 5.0 L
402LG — ?

Added on Octomber 7, 2014

LG F60:
D390n – European Version
D390AR – Latin America
D392 – India
D392K – CIS
D393 – Canada Videotron
MS395 – MetroPCS
LS660 – Sprint
VS810PP – Verizon

Added on September 28, 2014

LG L Bello(L Prime, L80 plus): LG-D335, LG-D331 and LG D337
LG L Fino: LG-D290n, LG-D290J, LG-D290, LG D295 and etc.

Added on August 28, 2014

LG D725 — ATT LG G3 Vigor
LG UK410 — LG G pad 7.0 LTE for U.S. Cellular
LG AS985 — LG G3
LG US990 — LG G3
LG FL40L — 070 Touch
LG F520L — Unknown yet
LG D290N — LG L Fino
LG D390N — LG F60
LG D337/D330/D335 — LG L Bello
LG D690N/D693N LG G3 Stylus

Added on August 8, 2014

LG G3 Cat.6
LG G3 Beat
LG G3 Stylus
LG G3 A (LG-F410S, SKT only)
LG G3 Vigor (Sprint LS885, ATT D725)
LG G3 Vista (Verzion VS880 and ATT D631)

Added on July 28, 2014

LG LS660 Virgin mobile
LG LS620Y LG Pulse

Added on July 26, 2014

LS885 for Sprint – Could be G3 Beat or G3 S
AT & T to launch LG D631 as “LG G Vista”

Added on July 16, 2014

LG-F470L/K/S, G3 Beat offcial announced
LG D728/D729, G3 Beat
LG D722V / D724 , G3 S

Added on July 12, 2014

LG-MS395, LG F60 for MetroPCS
LG D390N,D391,D392,D393,D395…. – F60
LG D392 Spotted on Zauba

LG D290, D295 Spotted Zauba Zauba
LG D330,D331,D337 Spotted on Zauba

Added on July 4, 2014

AT & T LG G3 BEAT D725 Gets FCC Apprvoal

LG ACCESS LTE L31L for Tracfone ( StraightTalk and Net10)
LG Realm LS620 for Sprint boost mobile
Cricket Wireless LG TRUE (Model:LG-B460)
Tracfone LG L41C, User manual available for download.

Updated on June 29, 2014

LG L80 + (D337)
LG G3 stylus (D690N/D693N – possible G pro 2 lite for South America)
LG G Pro 2 Lite(D631 for AT &T )
LG G Vista (VS880 for Verizon Wireless)
LG G3 Mini D725
LG G3 S – D722V,D722,D724 | Europe
LG G3 Beat-G3 mini for China (D728/D729)
LG G3 Prime LTE-A (F460L / K / S)

Added on June 25, 2014

LG F460 (S/L/K) – LG G3 Confirmed Snapdragon 805 Processor, 1440X2560 display
LG F460 (S/L/K) — received RRA certification
LG F470 (S/L/K) — recieved RRA certification — LG G3 Mini
LG F430 (S/L/K) — codenamed “b2ln”, MSM8226 CPU and 720P display
LG F410 (S/K/K) — Codenamed “Tigers”, MSM8974 CPU and 1080P display

LG D690N, LG D693N — LG G3 Stylus

Added on June 13, 2014

LG F410 (S/L/K) Spotted on
LG G watch W2 spotted on

Added on June 11, 2014

LG VK410, G pad 7.0 with LTE for Verzion Wireless

Added on June 10, 2014

LG L80 Model Variants:

D373EU, European Verison LG L80
LG-D370TR, LG-D375AR and LG-D373EU

Added on June 1, 2014

Upcoming LG Smart Watch

  • LG-W100
  • LG-W105L,LG-W105K,LG-W105S
  • LG-W120L

*The LG-W120L was spotted on LG U plus website

Added on May 31, 2014

LG-F400L – LG G3 for LG U Plus
LG-F430L –
LG-F470L –
LG-F490L –
LG-F480L –
LG-F460L –
*notes, The above models has been spotted on LG U plus website.

Added on May 21, 2014

Upcoming LG G pad 2014

LG-V400 — LG G pad 7.0 Wi-fi Only
LG-V410 — LG G pad 7.0 LTE for AT & T
LG-V480 — LG G pad 7.0 LTE or LG G pad 8.0
LG-V490 — G pad for Poland
LG-V700 — LG G pad 10.0

Added on May 20, 2014

LG L35 D150 for Europe

Added on May 15, 2014

LG AS323 L70 for CCA (Competitive Carriers Association)
LG AS876 for BrightPoint
LG-D321(L70) for AIO Wireless

Added on May 11, 2014

LG Volt LS740 for Boost Mobile
LG Volt LS740 for Vigin Mobile

Added on April 30, 2014

LG V400 – Wi-Fi only Tablet
LG V410 for AT & T – Wi-Fi only Tablet
LG V700 – Wi-Fi only Tablet

LG G3 model variants:

  • LG D850 -AT & T
  • LG VS985 -Veizon Wireless
  • LG D851 -T-mobile
  • LG LS990 -Sprint
  • LG D855 -Europe
  • LG D858 -China Mobile
  • LG D859 -Not known yet


Upcoming Verzion Wireless LG Phones

LGVS985 — LG G3
LGVS415PP — LG Optimus Zone 2 [Available Now]
LGVS450PP — LG Optimus Exceed 2 [Available Now]
LGVS876 — LG Lucid 3 [Available Now]
LGVS880 — LG G Pro 2 Lite
LGVN280 — LG Extravert 2 [Available Now]
LGVN170 —
LGVK810 — LG G pad 8.3 LTE [Available Now]

Upcoming LG Phones 2014

Added on March 25, 2014

LG D285, LG L65 coming to CIS, Indonesia [Available Now]

Added on March 8, 2014

LG L30 (LG D125f) coming to Brazil TIM
LG L50 (LG D227) coming to Brazil TIM
*TIM=Telecom Italia Mobile

Added on Febuary 28, 2014

LG G Pro 2
LG G2 Mini
LG L40
LG L70
LG L90
LG F70:

  • Tracfone LG L31L 4G LTE on AT & T Network
  • Tracfone LG L30L 4G LTE on Verzion Network


LG F90:

  • LG VS876 for Verizon Wireless
  • LG LS740 for Sprint


Added on Febuary 3, 2014

  • LG D340f
  • LG L41C for Tracefone
  • LG L42G for Tracefone
  • LG LS620 for Sprint

These four LG Devices has received WI-FI Alliance certification

Added on Febuary 2, 2014

  • LG D321
  • LG D325f
  • LG D320g8: U.S. Cellular
  • LG MS323: MetroPCS
  • LG D320n: Europe Open
  • LG D320f8
  • LG D320f
  • LG D320TR
  • LG D330: Europe Vodafone
  • LG VS450PP: Verizon Wireless

Devices in above list share same LG internal project code W5
It features Android 4.4 OS, 800X400 display, according to D320’s UA Profile.

Added on January 26, 2014

  • LG D175f
  • LG D160f
  • LG D160TR
  • LG L34C
  • LG D160

It feature Android 4.4 OS and a 480×320 display.

Added on January 25, 2014

  • LG D410h Brazil
  • LG D410 CIS
  • LG D405n Europe
  • LG MS415 US MetroPCS
  • LG D415 T-mobile USA

[Available Now as LG L90]

Added on January 24, 2014

LG F70 smart phone with Android 4.4

  • LG D315, Single SIM
  • LG D317,Dual SIM
  • LG-D315I, India
  • LG-D315k,Australia
  • LG-F370K
  • LG-F370L
  • LG-F370S
  • LG L31L and LG L30L for US Carrier Tracfone
  • LG-D317H for Brazil Carrier VIVO

Added on January 21, 2014

Sprint LG LS740
Verzion LG VS876

Added on January 21, 2014

Five LG devices powered by Android 4.4 coming to Verizon Wireless

  • VK810 4G, G pad 8.3 variant
  • LG VS935, Rumored Optimus F1 variant
  • LG VS415PP,W3 series
  • LG VS450PP,W5 series
  • LG VS876, x5 Series

The “w3” “w5” and “x5” refer to the LG’s Internal code name.
The internal code name for G Flex is “Z”, “L90” is the internal code name for the Optimus G Pro Lite (D68x series device)

Added on January 16, 2014

LG D620 Heading to Germany spotted online

Added on January 15, 2014

Upcoming T-mobile LG PHones 2014, LG D415
LG D415 runs Android 4.4 OS and features a qHD Display, No 4G LTE Support

Added on January 13, 2014

LG L34c for Tracfone spotted online ( with Android 4.4)
LG D618 heading to CIS spotted in UA Profile ( with Android 4.4)
LG LS740 for Sprint Specs Leaked in a UA Profile on Sprint official website. ( with Android 4.4)

Added on January 10, 2014

LG D400 spotted in UA Profile
LG D625 spotted in UA Profile
LG D160 Spotted in UA Profile

Added on January 8, 2014

LG D315, LG to launch LG D315 in Europe in Q1 2014
LG MS323 for metro PCS spotted in Bluetooth SIG filing

Added on January 7, 2014

LG D325F coming to Brazil in Q1 2014
LG to launch D175F in Brazil in Q1 2014

Added on December 20, 2013

LG-VS876 for Verizon Wireless spotted at

Added on December 15, 2013

LG D405
LG D410
LG D415
LG D320
LG D830
LG VK810 Verizon Wireless
VS415PP for Verizon Wireless
LG LS740 for Sprint / Virgin Mobile

Added on November 30, 2013

LG D830, Spotted in a UA Profile
LG D415, spotted in a UA Profile
LG D320, Spotted in a UA Profile.

Added on November 10, 2013

LG V507L, LTE version G pad;
LG D410 Listed on Bluetooth SIG
LG D959, G Flex for T-mobile Hits FCC
LG D958, LG D955, LG G flex
LG D950, ATT G Flex
LG D520 for T-mobile visit FCC

Added on October 25, 2013

LG G Flex video & photos
LG V510 Possible Google Nexus 8 Spotted at Bluetooth SIG
LG VS415PP for Verizon Wireless
LG D950 for ATT spotted in UA Profile.

Added on October 5, 2013

LG F340L, Possible LG Z or LG G Flex for Korea LG U+
LG D950, Upcoming AT & T smart phones spotted at Bluetooth SIG
LG D820/LG D821, GOOGLE Nexus 5
LG D520 LG D520BK for T-mobile
LG LS995,upcoming sprint smart phones by LG
LG L39C for Tracefone
LG D680 LGD681 LG D683 LG D685, LG 686 for Europe CIS,Asia & South America

Added on September 15, 2013

LG V500, The LG G Pad 8.3 tablet (Wi-fi only) for South Korea Market
LG V507L, G pad 8.3 tablets with LTE Support.
LG D686 to be launched in India Soon.
LG D300F, LG’s fist smart phone based on Firefox OS 1.1
LG P655K, to be launched in Australia market soon.

Added on August 30, 2013

LG D680 & LG D683, Receives FCC Approvals on 28th August.
LG-D520BK, LG-D520, LGE LTE Mobile Phone spotted at Bluetooth SIG.
LG C520, spotted at Bluetooth SIG.
LG E435K, LG Smart phones for Australia
LG KS1204, LG CDMA Mobile Phone
LG-P655h/LG-P655k Spotted AT FCC.
LG D685 — spotted at LG Mobile Support Tools
LG UN530,–

Added on August 23, 2013

LG D800 AT & T LG G2
LG D801BK T-mobile LG G2
LG VS980, Verzion LG G2
LG LS980 Sprint LG G2

Added on August 16, 2013

LG D605, LG Optimus L9 II
—-To be released on August 26, 2013 in EU market

LG D505, LG Optimus F6
—-To be released on August 23, 2013 in Spain,France,Greece,and Sweden.

LG E465G, LG Optimus L4 II
—-To be released on August 20, 2013 in ARGENTINA,VENEZUELA

LG D803, The LG G2 for Canada market.
LG D802, THE LG G2 for United Kingdom market.

LG870, LG Optimus F7 for Boost Mobile, Available now
LG US780, LG Optimus F7 for U.S. Cellular, Available now