Upcoming LG Phones / Tablets 2019

This is the list of upcoming new LG phones for 2019. They are expected to be offered because they are either officially announced or there is solid information from leaks or rumors.

Upcoming LG Phones 2019

  • LG Stylo 5 L722DL – Tracfone
  • LG Journey LTE L322DL – Tracfone, Net10 & StraitTalk

  • LG X2 2019 / LG K30 2019
  • LG Stylo 5
    • LM-Q730NO
    • LM-Q620QM
    • LM-Q730N
    • LM-Q620QM5
    • LM-Q620QN
    • LG Stylo 5 LM-Q720VSP
  • LG K50
  • LG G8S ThinQ
  • LG V50 ThinQ
  • LG V50 ThinQ 5G – Verizon Wireless & Sprint – Released
  • LG Q60
  • LG K40


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  1. Please confirm the information that i have been reading in different sites about the new lg g2 by sprint. According to the information, the g2 will be equipped with all type of radios/frequencies that sprint uses for its lte service. So if the area in one city uses a different lte band fron another city, the g2 will have no problem continuing 4glte service because it has all the radio needed to continue service ans not revert to 3g or 2g or edge or anything but 4glte as long as it offered in the city i am in. Is this statement correct? This will certainly make my decision in upgrading and possibly adding another line or t-mobile just might get my business for their dervice in orlando is super fast and the lte \4g is 10 times faster than anything sprint has to offer. The only reason i am still will sprint is the time i have inevsted in your company, over 11yrs and frankly all the benefits for being loyal to you has been deminishing to a point that a new customer has better incentives than someone who has stuck with you from thick or thin nd the rewards are none. So why should i stay? One reason is the g2 if it does what i m asking you. Your prompt answer will to this matter is appreciated and please find out when will this phone be available for order. Thank you!

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