Upcoming LG Phones 2021 – LM-Q626N

An upcoming LG smartphone carrying the model number LM-Q626N/LM-Q626NK was spotted in South Korea’s Carrier Database.

As you can see from the leaked screenshot, the upcoming LM-Q620N has at least three model variants, namely the LM-Q626N_128GE, LM-Q626N_128G, and LM-Q626NK.

The model name suggests that the device features 128GB of internal storage.

According to our tipster, the LM-Q626N could be the LG Q62 or LG Q92, which will be launched in Q1 2021 in the South Korean market.

In May 2020, LG released the LG Q70 smartphone, The model name of the LG Q70 is LM-Q620.

In fact, It is hard to assume the marketing name of this LM-Q626N model.

Anyway, the LM-Q626N could be a mid-range 5G ready smartphone with Android 11 out of the BOX.