LG K51 K500UM (LM-K500UM) gets GCF certification

Upcoming LG Phones 2020, LG K51 LM-K500UM 


More LG K51 variants, namely the LM-K500QM, LMK500QM5, LMK500QM6, today received the GCF certification.

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An LG device with the model number LM-K500UM has just received the GCF (Global Certification Forum) Certification.

As per the GCF listing,  The marketing name of the LM-K500UM is K51 and it supports 4G LTE bands B2, B4, B5, B12, B13, B25, B26, B66, and B41!

In January, The LG K51 LMK500UM for Boost mobile received the Bluetooth SIG certification.

According to the Bluetooth SIG filing, the LG L555DL coming to Tracfone Wireless is a variant of the LG K51 smartphone.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the LM-Q510N to be launched in South Korea as also a variant of the LG K51 LM-K510UM.

The LG LM-Q510N was first spotted on the LG Open Source website with Android 9.0 PIE OS.

According to the Android Enterprise listing, the LM-Q510N will be released in South Korea as LG Q51. It features a 6.5-inch display, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

   "brand": "LGE",
   "name": "Q51",
   "imageUrl": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Uh4HCIqkN1fG-rF93PyCklAbo_5OoOYVZjdo00cjshBDaSQW9X5JTyN4jPtuZT8x6wAGplRLB_a7yA",
   "models": "LM-Q510N",
   "hardwareFeatures": {
    "formFactor": "Phone",
    "display": "6.5-inch",
    "ram": "3.0GB",
    "flash": "32GB",
    "os": "Android 9",
    "telephonySupport": "Telephony Supported",
    "fingerprintSupport": "Fingerprint Supported",
    "nfcSupport": "NFC Supported",
    "zeroTouchSupport": "Zero Touch Supported"