Upcoming LG D959 smart phone Spotted In UA Profile

[Update] The LG LGD959TS is the G Flex for T-mobile USA

Today, A mysterious LG device featuring model number LG D959 was spotted in a UA Profile.

The LG D959 UA Profile has emerged on LG Official website. Today, we’re looking at a screenshot that shows us the LG D959’s user agent profile which reveal some specs of the LG D959.


As you can see in the image above, the LG D959 is another device features HD display which supports 720×1280 resolution. Maybe The LG D959 will be equipped wit a 4.7 in TrueHD IPS LCD (312 ppi).

The LG D959’s UA Profile also suggests that it is 4G capable device powered by Android 4.2 Operating System.

Stay tuned for more information.