Unbrick your LG handset with LG Mobile Support Tool

Unbrick your LG handset with LG Mobile Support Tool

First, please Check this Url: http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/csmg/b2c/client/web_model_list.jsp?country=US

The above URL list all LG devices released in the U.S.

if your phone is listed and your phone is not rooted, you can use LG Mobile Support Tool or LG bridge to recover your phone.


If you have tried this guide “Unroot/Unbrick – flash official factory firmware with LG Launcher” on XDA forum to factory restore your phone you may have noticed that the download link for LG Mobile Launcher is dead.

What is LG Mobile Launcher? Where I can download the LG Mobile Launcher?

The LG Mobile Launcher (LGMLauncher.exe) is what launches LG B2C Client Tool (LGUserCSTool.exe). You will need to download and install B2CAppSetup.exe which will install the LG Mobile Support Tool package (LGMLauncher.exe and LGUserCSTool.exe) on to your PC.

Once the B2Cappsetup.exe is installed locate the LGMlauncher.exe in this folder: “C:\ProgramData\LGMOBILEAX”.

Run the LG tool, You will see the following screen:


From the LG mobile Tool, choose to install USB drivers. In the option menu you can use “upgrade recovery” to recover your handset. You can also download user guide and PC Sync Software for your handset.

To Recover your Phone with LG Mobile Support Tool:

Follow the guide on xda forum here. Please let us know if you can recover your phone or not!


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