U.S. Cellular to sell the LG G3 (Model:LG-US990)

U.S. Cellular will also carry the LG’s new flagship G3 smartphone, The offcial model number for U.S. Cellular G3 is “LG-US990”.

U.S. Cellular offcial has not announced the G3 yet. According to a leaked document, we can confirm the existence of the LG-US990. The buyer entry reads “UCL” hinting that U.S. Cellular will also carry the LG G3.



Another LG G3 model variant sporting model number “LG-AS985” has been spotted in FCC Filing. The LG-AS985 is the LG G3 on its way to U.S regional carriers.

Any U.S. Cellular customers out there interested in the LG G3? Please let us know what you think!

7 thoughts on “U.S. Cellular to sell the LG G3 (Model:LG-US990)”

  1. Great phone! I had the LG G2 with Verizon Wireless and I almost didn’t switch to US Cellular because I would have to give up my phone. Would love to see US Cellular offer the LG G3!

  2. I have been holding off on getting a new phone in hopes that they get the G3 , i really dont want another Samsung!

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