U.S. Cellular to launch feature Phones: LG UN160 & LG UN161

Carrier U.S. Cellular will release a new basic feature phone, namely the LG Envoy 2.

The LG UN160 was previously spotted at Bluetooth SIG website, where the device received its Bluetooth 2.0 technology.

Also, The model LG UN160 and LG UN161 were listed on developer.brewmp.com with the code name LG Cassia.


LG official has published The LG UN160 user manual which confirms that the device will be code named as “LG Envoy II”.

Now we can confirm that LG Cassia will be released by U.S. Cellular soon, since the devices were spotted at LG Mobile Support Website.

Model: LGUN160
Software Version:UN16010b_00
Region: North America
Country:US/United States
buyer_name:U.S. Cellular

As to LG Cassia UN160 Specs, we only know that it is a basic feature CDMA cell phone packs with Bluetooth 2.0 technology,Brew 3.1.5.There are no news about LG Cassia UN160 release date yet from U.S. Cellular official.

lg envoy 2 -un160