U.S. Cellular LG V40 LMV405UA Firmware Update V405UA21A

LG V40 ThinQ LMV405UA Software Update V405UA21A – U.S. Cellular

The LG V40 ThinQ LMV405UA from U.S. Cellular is getting a new software update that brings the device’s software version to V405UA21A.

Sadly, the firmware builds  V405UA21A is just a maintenance update and it is based on Android 9.0 Pie.

According to the changelog, the update has nothing new except the security patch fixes. There is no info when the device will get the Android 10 update either.

The Update is now available via OTA and LG Bridge.

if you have not received the OTA update notification, you can check for the software update manually on your device by following our instructions given here.

To check new software updates, Go to device Settings > General > About phone > Update Center. Then tap on System updateCheck for update.

You can also download and install LG Bridge first and then use LG Bridge to upgrade your LG V40 ThinQ with firmware version V405UA21A.

If you want to upgrade your LG V40 ThinQ with LGUP, Now you can download the U.S. Cellular LG V40 LMV405UA Firmware V405UA21A from the below links.

Download U.S. Cellular LG V40 LMV405UA Firmware





Software Version:V405UA21A_02

OS Version:P

File Name:V405UA021a_02_USC_US_OP_0604.kdz

KDZ File size:4301646809


To upgrade/unbrick/restore LG V40 ThinQ back to stock, You will need the LGUP 1.16 and LG UP DLL for LG V40 ThinQ.