U.S. Cellular LG K8 plus LMX210ULM Software Update

U.S. Cellular LG K8 plus 2018 LMX210ULM

US Cellular K8+ (2018) LMX210ULM Oreo Update

September 28, 2018. The LG K8 plus 2018 from U.S. Cellular (Model: LMX210ULM) is getting a new software Update.

The new software Update is software version X210ULM11I_00. It is still Android N 7.0 Update with bug fixes and security patches. For your information, The Update brings the August 2018 Android Security Patch.

LG official also released the LG K8 plus LMX210ULM Stock kdz firmware and made it available for download from LG’s Server.

Download U.S. Cellular LG K8 plus LMX210ULM Stock kdz firmware:





Software Version:X210ULM11I_00

OS Version:NMR2 (Android N)

File Name:X210ULM11i_00_UCL_US_OP_0827.kdz

KDZ File size:2175521844


According to Android Enterprise website listings, The LG K8 2018 will receive the Android Oreo Update. But we are not sure if the LG K8 plus 2018 LMX210ULM will get the Oreo Update.

   "brand": "LGE",
   "name": "LG K8(2018)",
   "models": "LM-X21(G), LML212VL, LM-X212(G), LM-X210(G), LML211BL, LM-X210",
   "hardwareFeatures": {
   "formFactor": "Phone",
   "display": "5.0-inch",
   "ram": "2.0GB",
   "flash": "16GB",
   "os": "Android 8.1.0",
   "telephonySupport": "Telephony Supported",
   "zeroTouchSupport": "Zero Touch Supported"

We will let you know when we have further information about the upcoming Oreo Update for LG K8 plus 2018.

US Cellular K8+ (2018) LMX210ULM received Android 8.1 Oreo Update