U.S. Cellular LG K40 LMX420QM Firmware Update

Will my LG K40 get Android 9.0 Pie Update?

LG is rolling out a new software update for the LG K40 LMX420QM (aka X420QM) U.S. Cellular.

The LG K40 LMX420QM was launched with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, and it is confirmed that the LG K40 will get the Android 9.0 Pie Update.

Unfortunately, the software update released today is just a minor maintance update which brings the latest Android Security Patches.

For your information, The Update is available now via OTA and LG Bridge for the LG K40 LMX420QM with Buyer suffix UCL, UCW and UCK.

ModelBuyer SuffixBuyer/CarrierLast Update Date
LMX420QMUCLU.S. Cellular2019/10/1

Starting from today, You will be able to install the security update through LG Bridge.

We strongly recommend you to install this Update, because this could be the last update based on Android Oreo for your device.

According to our sources, LG is testing the Android 9.0 Pie beta build v18a for the LG K40 LMX420, So the Next Update for your LG k40 could be an OS Upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie.

The LG Xpression Plus 2 is AT&T Branded LG K40, It will also get the Android 9.0 Update!

   "brand": "LGE",
   "name": "LG Xpression Plus 2",
   "imageUrl": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4HXf_XCvc95U4y5OVsPG5yT2fbjeExuZc-nGpmwLrxCnQ2th1grCITVyowwA5Swfw7gQzVm_bcHu",
   "models": "LM-X420",
   "hardwareFeatures": {
    "formFactor": "Phone",
    "display": "5.7-inch",
    "ram": "2.0GB",
    "flash": "32GB",
    "os": "Android 9",
    "telephonySupport": "Telephony Supported",
    "fingerprintSupport": "Fingerprint Supported",
    "zeroTouchSupport": "Zero Touch Supported"