U.S. Cellular LG G7 LMG710VM Firmware Update G710VMX10j

LG official is rolling out another security Update for the  LG G7 LMG710VM (G710VMX) on U.S. Cellular.

The U.S. Cellular LG G7 firmware Update is software version G710VMX10k, and it includes the January 2019 Android Security Patches.

The Stock kdz firmware for U.S. Cellular LG G7 LMG710VM (G710VMX) is also available for download from LG official website.

Download U.S. Cellular LG G7 G710VMX Firmware





Software Version:G710VMX10K_00

OS Version:O

File Name:G710VMX10k_00_USC_US_OP_0117.kdz

KDZ File size:3489346074


You can unbrick/restore your LG G7 back to Stock by flashing this G710VMX10k_00_USC_US_OP_0117.kdz with LGUP if your phone is soft bricked.

Restore your phone back to stock can fix almost all software issues on your LG G7 G710VMX. To restore your phone with LGUP, You will need:

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