Firmware Update

U.S. Cellular LG G5, LG G4 and LG K8 receiving March Android Security Patches

U.S. Cellular is rolling out the March 2017 Android security patch to its LG G5 (US992), LG G4 (US991) and LG K8 (US375) smart phones.

Model Suffix Carrier Software Version Live_Date
LGUS375 UCL U.S. Cellular US37513a_00_0307 2017-04-06
LGUS992 UCL U.S. Cellular US99225a_00_0308 2017-04-06
LGUS991 UCL U.S. Cellular US99125a_00_0317 2017-04-06

The Stock kdz firmware for the LG G5 (US992), LG G4 (US991) and LG K8 (US375) is also available for download from LG server.  Download the latest firmware for your phone from below links

Model: LG G5 US992 UCL

Software Verison: US99225a

Download: /US99225a_00_0308.kdz

Model: LG G4 US991 UCL

Software Verison: US99125a

Download: /US99125a_00_0317.kdz

Model: LG K8 US375 UCL

Software Verison: US37513a


Please notes that you need to use XDM download manager or other download tool to download kdz file from LG server from above links.