U.S. Cellular LG freedom 2 UN280 user manual / Guide

U.S. Cellular will launch the LG freedom 2 UN280, A follow-up to the LG freedom (UN272) released in 2012.

Just like its predecessor The LG freedom 2 un280 runs on the Brew Mobile Platform operating system (OS). It has a display of 240 x 400 pixels resolution.

Here is the offcial LG freedom 2 UN280 User manual staright from LG offcial website.

Download LG freedom 2 UN280 user manual

Language: English
Download: LG-UN280_USC_UG_EN_Web_V1.0_140605.pdf

Language: Spanish
Download: LG-UN280_USC_UG_ES_Web_V1.0_140605.pdf


The LG freedom 2 UN280 products details can be found on FCC website here.