TracFone to launch four new Android phones from LG: L15G, L16C, L21G and L22C

TracFone, one of the nation’s largest prepaid wireless provider which operates the Straight Talk, Net10 and many other prepaid brands, is about to get 4 new Android smartphones from LG.


The 4 New LG handsets will be available from TracFone Wireless’s prepaid brands,including Straight Talk, Net10 and Tracfone.

Below are the model numbers and names of the four handsets which was spotted on Straight Talk’s Official website:

LG L15G – Sunrise
LG L16C – Lucky
LG L21G – Destiny
LG L22C – Power

*Note: C = CDMA Version; G = GSM Version

The LG L15G Sunrise is exact same as the LG 16C Lucky, The only difference is that the LG L15G is a GSM device which use AT&T network, while the LG L16C is a CDMA device which works on The Verizon Network.

You might be a bit disappointed with the OS loaded on The L15G sunrise and L16C lucky. It is reported that both of the devices will come with Android 4.4 kitkat and not Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Just like the above 2 mentioned handsets, The LG L21G runs on GSM networks (ATT), while the LG L22C runs on CDMA networks (Verizon Wireless).

But The LG L22C and LG L21G are rumored to come with the latest Android Version 5.0 Lollipop.

Specs for either devices are currently unknown.

The 4 new LG handset is expected to be available from Straight Talk in March of 2015.
There are no word yet on pricing from Straight Talk on either device.

Stay Tuned!

10 thoughts on “TracFone to launch four new Android phones from LG: L15G, L16C, L21G and L22C”

  1. I got that phone,L22c and first day I had it started to break down.not very happy.sent it back..went back to my ultimate 2..its been the best tracfone ive had..had it about a year I guess..

  2. CookedTick,
    The LGL33L Sunset is the Today’s Special Value right now on HSN. $129.99 with 1200 minutes included plus all accessories. This one is 4GLTE, 5.0 Lollipop.
    I bought the LGL22C Power a couple weeks ago from eBay shop cell deals for same price…this one is 3G, 5.0 Lollipop…of course it went down for the one day Christmas in July event to $99, but I just checked and it’s back at $129 again. I love it so far…I upgraded from the LG840G, so it’s a huge improvement!

  3. who knows… i want the 21g cause att has a better signal in my area… im gonna guess june and it will probably be the 21g not the 22c they are the same just the 22c has verizon

  4. Lg l22c is on straight talk site for 79.99..not on tracfone yet.saw covers for it on

  5. I saw the LG Power L22C on the TracFone website! I can’t wait for this one! It runs Android 5.0! The specs can be found here: and that is the full known specs. It will have a 5 MP camera, not a 8 MP camera. This phone has around the same specs as the LG Leon.

    Here is what it looks like:

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