Tracfone StraightTalk LG 306G User Manual / Guide

This is the offcial StraightTalk LG 306G User Manual in English and Spanish provided from the manufacture.

The StraightTalk LG 306g is the GSM version of the LG 305c, It is a basic feature handset, Available as prepaid phones on StraightTalk network.

Those who like to find out the LG 306g Specs and features can download the device’s user manual for reference from below link:

Download StraightTalk LG 306G User Manual

LG 306G Tracfone StraightTalk.PDF

StraightTalk LG 306G Specs & features:

Lithium-ion Battery
Size: 4.08″ x 2.47″ x 0.47″
Standby time: Up to 17 days
Talk time: Up to 3 hours
Weight: 3.72 (ounces)


2 MP Camera/Video Recorder
3G/Wi-Fi Connectivity
5 Home Screens
Alarm Clock
Call Waiting
Caller ID
GPS Enabled
Handsfree Speaker
Instant Messaging
MP3 Player
Multimedia Messaging
Phone Book with up to 1,000 Entries
Touch Screen
Vibration Alert
Voice Recorder

StraightTalk LG 306G Picture:


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  1. Normally, you don’t. Once it is registered. It should get the time from the Cell System.
    Sometimes you need to power your phone on and off for an update to occur.

  2. Normally, it gets its time from the cell phone system and you don’t have to set it. However, when you change to and from Daylight Savings Time and at some other times, you need to power the phone off and on to get it update to the correct time.

  3. The symbol is for a TTY (for communicating with the deaf) mode. It means you accidentally turned on a TTY mode in your settings (unless you are planning to call a deaf person.)
    On my TRACFONE, you got to Settings-> Accessibility-> TTY and then set the mode to none. Since TRACFONE and StraightTalk are owned by the same people. I expect it is similar on a Straight Talk version of the same phone.

  4. When it says that it diverted your call. It really means that it diverted the audio from the main speaker to the loud speaker. It is bad choice of words, since people expect divert means the call is lost.

  5. How do I record my voice mail listen to it and my messages and insert my phone number in the phone settings?

  6. When sending pics you will have at the bottom of your text message an insert button that will take you to your pictures and you ck the pic you want to send and it is attached to you message and then send. To receive pic you need to retrieve them then they will show up in your messages,

  7. This phone is worthless. All you can do is make and receive calls. You can’t send or receive any emails or pictures etc. I would NEVER recommend this phone for anyone who wants to do anything except make and receive calls.

  8. I have a symbol on the top of the screen of my phone that is not in the user manual…it is a phone 3 dots under that 3 more dots under that with a line under that>?? Anybody know what that means

  9. What’s the call divert set stuff that’s on my phone & can’t seem to figure out what it is or what it does??? Please help???;

  10. I was given the phone as a gift since I decided to cut the bill on my national plan. I use less than 200 min a month on calling- but just was wondering if there are apps avail . Specicially I need one for maps. I cant seem to find a free one I can use on this phone

  11. I cannot load news blogs or anything large, it will tell me, page too large, open mobile site and then it kicks me off of browser! Thanks for responding! Gene

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