Tracfone LG L57BL smart phone passed through the FCC

An unannounced yet LG handset carrying the model number LG L57BL has just passed through the FCC certification process.

According to LG L56VL SAR test report, the device Supports 4G LTE bands B2, B4,B5 AND B12. It also features 2.4GHZ WLAN and Bluetooth.

To learn more about LG L57BL specs and features, You can check the LG M150 specs for reference, Because LG L57BL is a variant of the LG phoenix 3 (lg-m150) from AT&T.

The LG L57BL is a LG K4 2017 variant tailor-made for Tracfone.  Below you can find LG K4 2017 model variants (known so far):

Retail BrandingMarketing NameDeviceModel
LGEK4 (2017)lv1LGL57BL
LGEK4 (2017)lv1LGL58VL
LGELG K4 (2017)lv1LG-M160
LGELG K4/K7 (2017)mlv1LG-X230
LGELG K4/K7 (2017)mlv1LG-X230YK
LGEPhoenix 3lv1LG-M150

Source: FCC