Tracfone LG L460DL receives the GCF certification.


LG L460DL is a variant of the LG Aristo 6 (aka LG K33), According to Bluetooth SIG.

LG L460DL coming to Tracfone has surfaced in the database of Global Certification Forums (GCF). This indicates a nearing launch!

Sadly, The GCF certification hasn’t revealed any details on the specs of the LG L460DL smartphone.

In fact, The LG L460DL was recently spotted on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

As per the FCC documents, LG L460DL is a variant of the LG LM-K330PM which received FCC approval with the FCC ID: ZNFK330PM!

Currently, Tracfone is selling the LG K31™ Rebel which has the model name L355DL!

The model name of the Tracfone LG Premier Pro Plus is LG L455DL, and the L555DL for Tracfone was launched as LG REFLECT!

So, we are pretty sure that the LG L460DL is coming to Tracfone, Net10, and straight talk.

Sady, little is know about this upcoming LG L460DL except for the model number.

According to our tipster, the LMK330 could be LG’s new K series smartphone for 2021, It has at least eight model variants, namely K300TM, K330PM, K330MM, K330QM, K330VM, L460DL, K330QM6, and K330QN.

As per the SAR test report for the device, the LG L460DL is a 4G LTE smartphone. It supports LTE 2/4/5/12/13/25/26/41/66/71, WCDMA 2/4/5, CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth!

LG and Tracfone Wireless have not announced the price and release date for this LG L460DL smartphone!