Tracfone LG Journey LTE L322DL Firmware?

LG Jorynet LTE L322DL is a Tracfone branded LG K30 2019.

Like many other devices from Tracfone, Straight Talk, and Net10,  the LG Journey LTE L322DL supports software via OTA only!

The LG Journey LTE L322DL does not feature support for software Update through LG Bridge, So there is no way to download stock kdz firmware for the device.

But,  The LG L322DL and LMX320QMG or X32WM ( Unlocked LG K30 2019 ) are exactly the same devices with the same hardware specs, According to the FCC test reports.

As you can see from the above screenshot, The LMX320QMG is a variant of the LG L322LD.

Maybe we can sideload the LMX32QMG’s firmware onto LG L322DL.

You can try to use the stock kdz firmware for LM-X320QMG to unbrick the LG L322DL if your device is soft-bricked.

We will add the LMX320QMG’s stock kdz firmware later.

If anyone of you needs to unbrick/restore LG L322DL back to stock, please contact us at


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