Tracfone LG 305C User Manual / Guide

This is the offcial Tracfone LG 305C user manual in English provided from the manufacture.

LG 305c is the CDMA variants of the LG 306G (GSM) coming to Tracfone and Net10. The LG 305c is a basic feature handset.
*Notes: what is the difference between 305C and 306G? The 305C is a CDMA phone (Verizon), the 306G is GSM Phone (ATT).

The 305C and 306G are not android smart phones!

Those who wish to purcahse the LG 305c or if you have already purcahsed the device, You may need to download the LG 305c’s User Guide from below Links:

Language: English
Download: LG305C_TRF_UG_Web_V1.0_140307.pdf

LG 305C Interactive Tutorials