Tracefone to offer LG Fiesta LTE L64VL

Tracfone’s upcoming LG Fiesta LTE L64VL smart phone was listed on Straight Talk and Net10 website.

Approved by the FCC on January 6th, The new LG L64Vl will be availalbe from Tracfone,Straight Talk and Net10 as LG Fiesta LTE . Like many other Straight Talk and Net10 branded LG devices, The new LG Fiesta LTE (LG L64VL) will be also available at Walmart.

According to FCC filing, The LG Fiesta LTE L64VL Supports LTE 2/4/13, CDMA 850/1900, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The “VL” string in the phone model number indicate that the LG Fiesta LTE L64VL is a CDMA smart phone. It Works on Verizon Wireless LTE network, Using Verizon Towers.

Tracfone has not announced the LG Fiesta LTE L64VL yet. Since the device has been approved by the FCC in January, the phone should be released soon in March.

At the moment, there are no news regarding the pricing and availability of this LG Fiesta LTE L64VL.

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