Download BoardDiag v2.99a

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Here is the BoardDiag v2.99a tool that you can use to recover/unbrick your LG device.!x95XAITT!frL5Tn6CIzFD8KLj4oMcJh6-fXbCc5xOldaWuMg0nIM In this package, You can find Boardiag Tool, BoardDiag Manual and etc.  You can also find all Supported files for following Devices: B2 (MSM8974AC)/ D1L (MSM8960 L,V)/ D1L (MSM8960 S,K,D,A)/ D1L (MSM8960 SKDA DDR8G)/ F6 (MSM8930)/ G (APQ8064)/ G-pro […]

Download LG BoardDiag V2.99a User Guide / Manual

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This is the LG BoardDiag V2.99a user manual in English in PPT file format. Those who need to use BoardDiag Tool to unbricked their phones can download this user manual. In this manual, You can find the instructions that will help you to unbrick your device. The manual includes “How to enter Qdload(= Qualcomm Download) mode […]

Can not get LG Air drive working on OSX?

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Can not get LG Air drive working on OSX??. Many LG G4 owners have experienced the issue when using LG Air Drive on OSX. Below you can find the Solution: You need to install the osxfuse driver for AirDrive. Go download and install the latest OSXFUSE, and then reinstall LG Bridge, reboot..

How to Restore / unbrick LG LS740 -[back to Stock]

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To Restore or unbrick Your LG LS70 smart phone: What you need: 1)LG LS740 Firmware ZV3 or LG LS740 Firmware ZV4 Unzip password: LS740~!3301zv4&2016* 2)Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.exe and LGLS740_20140414_LGFLASHv160.dll *This zip package includes the DLL and LGFlsashTool 1.8.1 3)Megalock.DLL 4)LG USB Drivers   To unbrick / restore LG LS740 by flashing Stock Firmware, follow below guide: Install […]

Bluetooth Battery life status on LG G3

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If you are using a Bluetooth hands free device you were probably one of the people who got stuck without battery life while making a phone call. Looks like LG has fixed this issue on the LG G3 for its customers. When you connect any branded Bluetooth device not only a LG Branded Bluetooth to […]

Verizon G3 Battery and Wireless Charging

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For those who are wondering whether the Verizon G3 has a removable battery, whether support wireless charging feature or not.   The answer is yes, Just like all US models including AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, The Verizon LG G3 VS985 has a removable battery. As to wireless charging feature, the handset’s hardware has the support […]

LG G watch Tips: How to enter recovery mode

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How to Wipe Data/Factory Reset G watch from Recovery mode? How to find out my G watch Serial Number? Here you are a simple step by step guide on how to enter recovery mode on G watch. To boot LG G watch into recovery mode: 1) PRESS and HOLD the reset button on the back […]