LG Phoenix 5 Cases

An A&T LG Phoenix 5 users said that LG Phoenix 5 is a nice phone but he can’t find a case for the LG Phoenix 5. In fact, The A&T LG Phoenix 5 is a variant of the LG K31 smartphone, You can use any LG K31 cases for the LG Phoenix 5. Just Go … Read more

LGUP DLL for LG G8s Version

Download LGUP DLL for LG G8S G810 Version Here you can download the LG G8S G810 DLL for LGUP Tool. The DLL is provided from LG official and it is used for LGUP tool to detect the model number and software version of your phone, The DLL allows the LGUP Tool to communicate between … Read more

Does the LG V60 Thinq 5G support UHS-II memory cards?

What specific microSD standards does LG V60 support? If this is also your question, you are in the right place. According to an LG V60 ThinQ user at reddit.com, The LG V60 ThinQ 5G does support UHS-II memory cards! Below is the reply from LG official About your email, we’ve checked our resources about the … Read more

How to install Disney+ App on my LG Phones

Learn how to install Disney + App on LG devices Some LG G5 users claim that they can not install the Disney+ App on their LG G5 smartphone, because the Google play store said the device is not compatible. It is easy to install Disney + App onto your phone without the Google play store. … Read more

LG G8X ThinQ Model Number

The LG G8X has just received the FCC Approval today. Below you can find the different model numbers for LG G8X revealed by the FCC documents. LM-G850UM (LMG850UM, G850UM) LM-G850V ( LMG850V,G850V ) LM-G850QM (LMG850QM,G850QM) LM-G850QM6 ( LMG850QM6,G850QM6 ) LM-850UM2 (LMG850UM2,G850UM2,) LM-G850UM2X (LMG850UM2X,G850UM2X) According to the SAR test report for LG G8X G850UM submitted to the … Read more