Three upcoming LG phones (LG VS988, LG VN220 and LG VS501) Spotted in Verizon Database

[update] Verizon Wireless will release the LG VS501 as LG K20 V . It is LG K10 2017 variant for Verizon Wireless.

A new LG phone which could be the LG G6 for Verizon wireless was spotted in Verizon Database.

The new LG Phone comes with model number LG VS988. Together with the LG VS988, other two upcoming LG phones namely the LG VN220 AND LG VS501 were spotted too in Verzion Database.

The Verizon LG G5’s model number is LG VS987, we assume that the upcoming LG VS988 is the LG G6 for Verizon Wireless. Like many other new LG phones to be released in 2017, the Upcoming LG G6 should come with the latest Android N 7.0 OS.

AT the CES 2017, LG announced four new updated K Series smart phone includes the LG K10, LG K8, K4, and LG K3. The LG VS500 is Verizon Wireless’s verizon of the LG K8 V, So the new LG VS501 could be the updated new LG K8 for Verizon Wirleess.  The LG VS501 is not the LG K8 V for Verizon. It will be available from Verizon WIreless as LG K20 V.


At the moment, other details of the upcoming LG VS988, LG VN220 and LG VS501 were not revealed in Verizon database.