Straight Talk LG Rebel LTE (LG L43AL and LG L44VL)

Tracfone wireless will release LG K4 l43AL model as LG Rebel LTE under the brands Straight Talk and Net10.

LG Rebe LTE (L44VL) User manual / guide
Here are things you may want to know about the new LG Rebel LTE L43AL smart phone:


The LG L43AL is a variant of the LG K4 (LG-K120 and LG-K121).
The sizes of the devices are exactly the same, so You can use LG K4 cases for your LG Rebel LTE smart phone.

DIMENSION: 131.9 x 66.7 x 8.9 mm


The LG L43AL Supports LTE bands: B2,B4,B5 and B12.
It is a GSM Phone which supports AT & T tower.
The LG L44VL is the CDMA version of LG L43AL, It is a CDMA Phone which use Verizon network.

3) LG 43AL Software Update

The LG L43L will be shipped with Android™ 5.1.1 (Lollipop) out of the box.  It should receive Android 6.0 Update later.


LG L43AL Secs sheet

5) LG L43AL user Manual

You can download and read the LG K4 K121 user manual before you make purchase decision. The LG K121 manual is available for download from this link.


6) LG L43AL USB Drivers

You can use the latest LG USB Drivers Ver.4.0.4, download from below link:


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