LG K30 Dual 2019 User Manual Spotted on LG Italy Website

LG will launch the LG K30 Dual 2019 (LM-X320EMW) in the European Markets soon, As LG has already listed the LG K30 Dual on LG Italy official website. LG official also published the LG K30 Dual 2019 User Manual before the official release of the device. The LG K30 Dual 2019 User Manual in PDF … Read more

LG K30 2019 officially announced

LG K30 2019 (aka LG X2 2019) officially unveiled today! LG official today announced the LG X2 2019 in South Korea market, According to ZDNet Korea. The K30 (2019) will be available for purchase in Europe, including Germany, Italy, and Poland, as well as North America, on September 9. According to LG official, The LG … Read more

LG LM-X320TA for T-mobile gets FCC Approval, Is it LG Aristo 4?

A new LG device carrying the model number LM-X320TA has just received certification from the FCC. According to the FCC filings, the upcoming device has two model variants, namely the LM-X320TA and LM-X320MA. The model number suffix “TA” means the device is tailor-made for T-mobile, while the ‘MA” at the end of the model number indicates that … Read more

Tracfone LG L322DL Gets FCC Approval

[Update] August 4, 2019 LG today announced the LG X2 2019 which is expected to be launched in South Korea.   LG X2 2019 (aka LG K30 2019) comes with the model number LM-X320. LG L322DL is a Tracfone branded LG K30 2019. Snapdragon 425 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM 32 GB ROM, micro SD 5.45inch 18:9ratio … Read more

LG M320, LGM-X320L and LGM-X320S Spotted online

Three new LG phones with the model number LG M320, LGM-X320L and LGM-X320S have been spotted on Google Play website. As you can see from below screen shot, the three model numbers share same device code name “mlv7n” and same marketing name “LG X500”. So they are exactly same device with different model number for various market. … Read more