Unlocked LG K30 2019 LMX320QMG firmware Update

The carrier unlocked LG K30 2019 LMX320QMG (LM-X320QMG) is getting a new software Update. Starting from Septemeber 30, You will be able to install the latest Security patch Update for your LG K30 2019 through OTA or LG Bridge. Model Buyer Suffix Buyer/Carrier Last Update Date LMX320QMG USA USA 09-30-2019 LMX320QMG CCA COMPETITIVE CARRIERS ASSOCIATION … Read more

LG Escape Plus X320CM User manual / Guide [Cricket Wireless]

This is the official LG escape plus user manual in English and Spanish provided from the manufacturer. Cricket Wireless will release the LG escape plus X320CM (aka LM X320CM) smartphone On August 30, 2019. Just several days ahead of the official launch, LG official today published the LG escape plus owners manual in PDF and made … Read more

Cricket Wireless LG Escape Plus Now available

[Update] Cricket Wireless is selling the Platinum Gray color LG Escape plus at a price of $119.99! The model name for LG Escape Plus is X320CM or LM-X320CM. LG escape plus User manual is also available for download Cricket Wireless will launch a budget LG smartphone on August 30, According to @kingoftechdetails on youtube.com Called … Read more

Sprint LG K30 2019 LM-X320PM received WI-FI Alliance Ceritifcation

A new LG handset with the model number LM-X320PM (aka LMX320PM) has received the Wi-Fi Alliance certification. According to our sources, the LM-X320PM (aka LMX320PM) is the LG K30 2019 coming to Sprint. LG k30 2019 is an affordable smartphone based on Android 9 Pie OS.  The model LM-X320PM could be available for purchase from … Read more

Unlocked LG K30 2019 LMX320QM coming soon to the US

The LG X2 2019 (aka LG K30 2019) announced in South Korea several days ago might arrive in the United States Soon. According to our sources, LG is working on the Android Pie firmware for a device which has the model number LMX320QMG.   The firmware name of the LM-X320QMG – LMX320QMG-V10c-USA-XX-AUG-08-2019-ARB00+0 – suggest that … Read more