X210ULM22D: US Cellular K8+ (2018) LMX210ULM gets March Security Patch Update

LG K8 PLUS LMX210ULM (X210ULM, LM-X210ULM) Firmware Update LG official is rolling a new Software Update for the LG K8 PLUS LMX210ULM from US Cellular. The update arrives as software version X210ULM22D and includes the March 2020 Android Security Patch. In other words, After the Update, Your LG K8 PLUS LMX210ULM’s software version reads X210ULM22D, … Read more

X210ULM22C:LG K8 plus Software Update with Febuary security patch

U.S. Cellular LG K8 plus LMX210ULM Software Update The LG K8 plus LMX210ULM (X210ULM) is getting a new software update that brings the latest Android Security Patch. The update arrives as software version X210ULM22C and includes the February 2020 Android Security Patch. According to LG official, The Update builds X210ULM22C is just a maintenance update … Read more