LG SU760 Stock ROM / Firmware

This is the LG SU760 Stock ROM / Firmware build V30B for those who need it to recover / unbrick LG S760 cell phone. The LG Su760 was launched in South Korea in 2012. I have not test this firmware yet, please back up important data before flashing this ROM. Download LG SU760 Stock ROM … Read more

How to reset LG Converse (LG AN272)

LG Converse hard reset, LG An272 Master reset, LG Converse (LG AN272) reset instructions. If your LG Converse (LG AN272) device freezes or does not start, You may try to perform a hard reset to solve the problems. How do I reset my LG Converse (LG AN272) to tis factory default settings? Follow below simple … Read more

Using Wi-Fi Calling on T-mobile LG Nexus 4

Wi-Fi calling? The Wi-Fi calling feature allows users to make calls through their Wi-Fi connection instead of relying on the carrier’s cellular network. It is reported that T-Mobile LG Nexus 4 Won’t Carry Wi-Fi Calling, that means T-mobile LG Nexus 4 users can not avail the “wi-fi calling” feature. The reason is that the Nexus … Read more