T-mobile LG V30 ThinQ Android Pie kernel Source code now available

LG has just added the Android Pie kernel Source code for T-mobile LG V30 H932 and Canadian LG V30 H933 to LG’s open-source repository.

In fact, there is a typo error in the Description, The Android pie firmware for LG H93SV and LG H933 should be software version v30a.

The source code package – LGH932SV_Android_Pie.tar.gz, was created by LG’s engineer on June 25, 2019.

Maybe we will see the official final pie update on T-mobile V30 ThinQ H932 and Candian LG V30 H933 model soon with 2 weeks.

For your information, The source for LG V35 V350ULM was posted 2 weeks before the official update release.

According to LG, the latest firmware update for LG V30 H932 is H93220s (Oreo) which was released on March 25, 2019.

Our tipster said that the software update Version H93220s is the last oreo update, and the next Update is OS Upgrade to Pie, from V20s to V30a.