T-mobile LG V30 H932 is Getting Android 8.0 Oreo Update H93220h

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The LG V30 on T-mobile is receiving its update to Android 8.0 “Oreo” now. The Update for T-mobile LG V30 H932 drops in as software version  H93220h.

ModelSuffixBuyer NameSoftware VersionLive Date
LGH932BK1TMT-MOBILE_128GH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018
LGH932SVTMOT-MOBILEH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018
LGH932SVT-MOBILE_DEMOUNITH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018
LGH932SVT-MOBILE_SAMPLEH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018
LGH932SVTMUS_FRUH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018
LGH932BKT-MOBILE_128G_DEMOUNITH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018
LGH932BKT-MOBILE_128G_SAMPLEH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018
LGH932BKT-MOBILE_128G_FRUH93220h_00_0416.kdzMay 4, 2018

The Android 8.0 Oreo Update is now available via FOTA and LG’s desktop software: LG bridge and LG Mobile Support Tool.  If you have not recieve the OTA update notification, You can use LG bridge or LG Mobile Support Tool to Upgrade your LG V30 H932 to Android 8.0.

T-mobile offiicial has not yet posted the details of this Update (Build: H93220h) on its website.

LG official has released the stock Android 8.0 kdz firmware for the LG V30/ V30 + and made it available for download from LG’ new update server.

LG V30 (H932SV/TMO) users who want to download the kdz firmware can grab it from below links.

Download LG V30 H932SV Android 8.0 firmware

Download from LG server: /H93220h_00_0416.kdz

Google Drive Mirror:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wehtMdbZyVbsZ6hwdk0g_pwHPOZgXbj5

Those LG V30 users in other countries can upgrade the LG V30 H932 to Android 8.0 by flashing the above kdz firmware with LG UP.

If you experience any issues with the H932 Android 8.0 update, please contact us at [email protected]