T-mobile LG V20 H918 software update H91810j stock kdz firmware available for download

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[update] The latest firmware for T-mobile LG V20 H918 is V10j. [as of Feb. 13, 2017]

Download: /H91810j_00_1216.kdz from LG server

and LGUP DLL for LG H918: LGUP_H918(New).msi

The T-mobile LG V20 H918 recently received a new software update which brings the device’s software verison to H91810i.

The update is available now via FOTA and LG bridge. Now you can use LG bridge to install the software Update, and the “Update error recovery” feature of LG bridge can be used to unbrick a soft-bricked LG V20 H918 phone.

LG also released the kdz firmware for the T-mobile LG V20 H918, You can grab it from below links.

Download T-mobile LG V20 H918 Stock kdz firmware H91810j

Software verison: H91810j
Android Build: Android N 7.0
File format: KDZ
Download from LG server: H91810j_00_1216.kdz

Because LG has made some changes in its server settings, You can not use browser to download the firmware from above url with browser. You need to install xdm software or other download To manager to download the firmware from LG server. check this guide for solution.

How to unbrick/Restore LG H918 back to stock with LG UP

  1. Install latest LG usb drivers
  2. Install LG UP software
  3. Install LG UP DLL for LG V20 H918
  4. Download the latest v10j firmware for H918
  5. Put your phone into download mode and run the LG UP
  6. From LG main screen, Choose upgrade process and click bin/file to select the v10i firmware for LG H918
  7. Click start to flash the v10i firmware, wait until it is 100% completed
  8. reboot your phone.