T-mobile LG Stylo 4 (LMQ710TSB) Software Update Q710TS10I

The T-mobile LG Stylo 4 (LMQ710TSB) is receiving a new software Update which brings the August 1, 2018 Android security patches.

The Update is software version Q710TS10I and it improved LG Stylo 4 (LMQ710TSB) smartphone usability and functionality.

LG official today released the stock kdz firmware for the T-mobile LG Stylo 4 (LMQ710TSB) phone. If your Stylo 4 is bricked, you can unbrick it or restore it back to stock by flashing the stock kdz firmware with LGUP.  Now you can get the kdz firmware from below links:





Software Version:Q710TS10I_00

OS Version: Android Oreo Builds OMR1

File Name:Q710TS10i_00_0822.kdz

KDZ File size:1912697632


LG may remove the above kdz file from its server when there is a newer software Update! Please contact us at [email protected] to report broken links.

The Q710TS10i_00_0822.kdz is used for  T-mobile LG Stylo 4 (LMQ710TSB) only! PLEASE do not try to flash it onto other LG Stylo 4 variants.